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AST offers Vigore POS and Epic POS for Table side ordering and EMV processing to help you save time and money. We offer our efficient, high performance, rugged water spill proof business class POS systems with top notch support and services at a competitive price. Join the new era of point-of-sale solutions, with the unleashed power of hardware, software and network technologies at your command. From single and independent operations to large franchises, Amber Systems Technologies provides your business with a proven and completely modern all-in-one point-of-sale solution. Call us now at 1-888-975-1118 for the best POS solution for your business.

Vigore POS: Linux or Windows

Vigore POS is the most affordable solution on the Cloud or on-premise. Vigore POS is fully optimized point-of-sales solutions for all types of restaurants including pizza delivery, diners, bars, food trucks, concession stands and general retail businesses. Vigore POS works on Ubuntu Linux or on Windows tablet as a standalone unit. It allows Android and iOS mobile devices integration with our app. Our nation wide installations and decade of industry insight brings you a matured product. Your Control Center.
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Epic POS for Android

Epic POS Pro is our dedicated app for Android devices. Take Orders on the Tables, Quick Line busting, Drive Through, Take payment on the Go, Make it Social and send Coupons instantly. Optimized for all types of restaurant and general retail businesses. Epic POS Lite works as a standalone app without WiFi. All the menu items are synced from Cloud server. Epic POS suite gives your business greater flexibility and speed. Take your business to the next level. Get on board with Epic POS today.
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Ambient POS for iOS

Ambient POS is our point-of-sales app solution for iOS tablets. Seamlessly integrated with our Vigore software, Ambient POS helps you move lines and tables quickly with the fewest number of mistakes. Ambient POS also supports mobile payment processing, just sign up with our merchant services partners and plug in a card reader and you are ready to go. Most affordable and ease of use. Save big on money. Also available "Ambient Reservations" Free app.Contact us for details. Available on App Store.
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Aura Analytics: On the Go!

Aura Analytics on the Cloud with subscription is optimized for businesses who have multiple locations or need remote access to generate reports. This awesome tool provides you all the data metrics with centralized control. Use a PC or mobile device to login remotely in order to analyze, compare sales data, inventory, expenses and labor reports in real time. This is the perfect tool to help assist management in processing information efficiently. The data can be on-the-Cloud or on-premise POS.
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