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Ambient which means: existing or present on all sides, encompassing

The Ambient Software Suite for this product line fits this definition, in a way that it completes the presence of it around your business operations.

Ambient Software Suite has the following modules integrated with the Vigore POS thus offering a seamless integration process.


1. Ambient Online Ordering: Use a mobile device or desktop to search for your business and place an order online. Allow them to sign-in to save their profile. They can pay online or in-store, with an option to save the credit card on the most secured payment gateway integration we have. *Conditions apply and details available via email only. (Learn More Here)


2. Ambient KIOSK: Now you can install Android Tablets, iPads or Windows 10 Tablets and allow the customer to sign in with a profile or as Guest. The menu options with all the modifiers can be selected and customized after the customer confirms. The order will get sent to the Vigore POS and the job is done. (Learn More Here)


3. Ambient Tableside Ordering: Your Guests can order themselves with the iPads, Android Tablets, Windows 10 Tablets along with choosing modifiers. Orders get sent to the Vigore POS and the table is ready to process. (Learn More Here)


4. Ambient Waitlist Management: Your front desk host or hostess can effectively track the availability of the tables with ETA time based on real data. Track the customer with by matching their cell phone number names to the relevant tables. The staff can keep track of your VIP members on the priority list by getting them started with a drink or appetizer while they wait. (Learn More Here)


5. Ambient Reservation: Customers can make prior reservation online or in-store. They will receive a confirmation before the date or rime to re-confirm. This helps keep the customers and store management in sync and keeps them engaged.  (Learn More Here)


* Software upgrades and license fee applies, EMV and other modes of Card data Payment Processing using Tokenisation/Vault to store sensitive information is subjected to Customer/Merchant and Payment Processing approvals. Either of them can accept/decline to join the program. We have integrated with few leading PCI certified Payment processors to be able to use EMV, NFC and Tokenisation/Vault with our software suite and fees, terms / conditions apply.


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