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Q. Why do I need a POS system?

A. POS is “Point Of Sale” System designed to automate, save time and insure order accuracy, as well as run on-demand reports. A conventional cash register will not allow you do this and much more than what POS will do for you.

Q. How do I save my money and time by using AST POS?

A. AST POS uses the best money-saving, open source technologies. The low-power, energy-saving hardware reduces needs for upgrades and operating expenses. The Linux operating system has tight security settings and does not need any anti-virus, spyware, or firewall software. This makes AST POS more affordable and reliable.

Q. If I chose for Integrated Credit Card merchant services, do I need to buy third party software?

A. No, you do not need any other software. AST POS “VIGORE” software is provided with an integrated solution. It is fully PCI compliant and certified by our preferred merchant vendor. The approval response time is close to 2 seconds when making use of Internet technology.

Q. How difficult is it to setup new menu items?

A. If your menu is large and has many associated modifiers/toppings, it might take longer. We recommend that we build your menu initially, so that you can edit, add, or delete as per requirements. Once your basic menu is set up, it takes only a few mouse clicks to customize it.


Q. Do I need to spend lot of time training my new employees?

A.Typically it takes less than 5 minutes for any new employee to get going. All screens are intuitive and user-friendly. Each prompt logically follows the next, making the order flow easily to completion. Thus, new employees make fewer mistakes and remain focused. We want them to spend more time interacting with customers than with POS screens. Keeping this goal in mind, we have made the screens graphically easier to use.

Q. How does AST POS suits my needs or can I customize it?

A. Whether your restaurant does low or high volumes of take-outs, dine-ins, deliveries or eat-ins, we are confident that AST POS will fit your needs. Most of the operational flow has already been redefined and fine-tuned, with the help of our large customer base. Customizing is now a breeze since many of your issues and concerns have already been worked out.

Q. Does AST provide software or hardware?

A. We can provide total-package solutions and customized industry-grade hardware equipment to suit your needs.

Q. Do I need back office PC or server?

A. An extra server is not needed unless you plan to install more than 7-8 stations. In that case, you might consider having one.


Q. How many stations and printers can be added?

A. AST deploys networking technology, offering virtually an unlimited number of station & printer set-ups.

Q. What if there is power out-age will the units come back up automatically?

A. They are set to come back up and return to the home screen.

Q. What level of support or system diagnostics can AST provide?

A. The support calls are minimal due to our robust application and high quality hardware. If at any time you need us, we are by the phone or Internet to quickly assist you.

Q. How much does it costs to get started?

A. The cost of ownership drops by 40% or more when compared to conventional POS products. Our bottom line is to help you save time and money.

For startup, we strongly recommend two stations with printers, one kitchen printer, and a cash drawer. More stations and printers can be added and customized with your growing needs.


Q. How can AST maintain such low price levels, by cutting features or using inferior product?

A.We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best product in terms of quality and features that add value to your investment. The price cut is a secret recipe of superior ingredients at optimized ratios. First, Linux makes it affordable as mentioned before. Second, all of our systems can run on lower CPU speeds and lower memory, thus saving you from having to buy expensive computers. Third, we successfully negotiate with our vendors to offer affordable rates and great service. Lastly yet importantly, software is the key component determining affordability. We significantly lower our development cost by using reliable open source technologies and by ensuring that our programmers write the most efficient code. Globalization of our business enterprise and adopting cutting-edge technology makes us extremely competitive and strong.

Q. How can I get the demo?

A. We offer personal live demos and free demo CDs. We can walk you through online demos over the phone as well. Whichever route works best is the one we follow.. We can also refer you to our real customers; they are within your reach.

Q. How do I reach AST?

A. You can fill in our customer feedback form with your specific needs and requirements. Our seasoned professionals are courteous and will consult with you freely and promptly.

If there is anything left out, please let us know, call us at 1-888-975-1118 and we will be happy to include it to better serve the community.


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