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Order, Pay, Print at the Table or Delivery

Introducing the AST UniPos

Your Complete Mobile Point-of-Sale Solution

The latest technology that integrates vital restaurant business processes to boost efficiency and cut costs. Trusted by thousands of restaurant owners for over 15 years.

The Tablet that Pays at the Table

  • Take orders with Epic app and let the customers pay at the table

  • Track Loyalty and Rewards

  • Delivery orders get paid at delivery

  • 7” screen comes fully equipped with EMV/NFC/QR code reader, WiFi, 3G, BT, and a built-in mini printer


A Reliable Solution for Your Restaurant

The redesigned system ensures you will never lose valuable menu, sales, or employee data. Every station has its own database and each unit connects to the cloud/main server.

Optimize Your Business, Your Way

A full suite of options including kiosks, kitchen display, online ordering, and personalized apps to streamline your operations, save time, and maximize profitability.


Low monthly fees and No Third Party Fees other than the preferred payment processing.

Analytics & Reporting on the Cloud with Aura Dashboard

Make informed decisions more quickly with a single view that allows you to access and manage your restaurant data from anywhere, including QuickServe, Diner, Bars, Delivery, Retail, KIOSK, Online, Loyalty, Gift Card, labor costs, tip pool management, third party online orders such as PostMates, GrubHub, DoorDash and more.

Full-Featured 15” Touch Screen POS with Printer

Vigore Software is built for medium- to high-volume restaurants and retailers. The right setup can help you spend less time on operations and focus more on taking care of customers. Our hardware and software are designed to optimize your business. Plus, “Elitecare” clients can also enjoy 24/7 technical support.

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