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Amber Systems Technologies has been in the Bay area supporting business owners for the past decade. We have assisted countless restaurants to own their POS without all the hidden and added cost.  Our POS  is designed from the ground up, placing the customer first. AST POS is the renaissance in the POS industry with innovative ideas with great client support. We deliver high-quality products using the latest and the best modern technologies available. AST has successfully deployed Point Of Sales Solutions software over to several hundreds of new and existing all types of restaurants, such as Pizza, Deli, Bars, Yogurt parlors, Diners, Breakfast places, Cafe and … just to automate the mundane daily tasks effectively. By using this incredibly affordable and reliable technology of Linux and  Android, you stand to become another happy AST client’s family member. We can assist you to jump-start and streamline your business operations to the next level.

For any  Restaurant and Retail, it’s a constant challenge to make a Sale and to engage the customer. Every minute, these people spend too much time and effort to perform a simple task done right in order to make a complete sale and make the customer happy. This is especially true if you have a busy operation with high employee turnover, large menu, complex operations.

The main problem they face is an inability to use the POS system to accurately sell, cook, deliver and engage the customer which leads to bad experience and time and food wasted.  Today, their best option is to deploy modern, affordable and rugged POS systems and Payment platforms, but of course, they end up paying too much upfront or monthly fees and often buy a complicated and bug-prone expensive system. With current operations, if not optimized, the problem will only get worse over time.

If only there was an easier/better/cheaper way to perform the above, then merchants could make a seamless process from the front of the house to the kitchen and back to the customer with the least amount of time and least mistakes which would lead to higher churn ratio, happier employees – customer and more profit. With thousands of merchants using our product, there is a clear opportunity to meaningfully impact a huge number of people.

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AST does not just sell POS Systems but AST Sells a POS Solution, to be an integral part of your operations and make it efficient, easy and affordable modern tools you would need.

We offer POS, modern Payment, mPOS, KIOSK, Online Ordering, APP Ordering, Driver Mapping, Analytic with Unified Database and no third party involved or an extra layer of a fee.

Latest Product: Epic Tablet Android POS for Restaurants, Order, Pay and Print at the Table using its Mobile POS revolution with the Android technology.

Global Cloud Technologies or Hybrid Cloud

Build Once and Use Many

Cloud-based controls allow you to build unlimited menu items with forced modifiers from our Vigore POS and use any Google Android 5.1 or newer tablets. Use that same menu on all your Epic Tablet APP Android-powered devices. All sales and analytics can be managed remotely for each and all device(s) to show complete real-time sales data. Epic Tablet Android POS delivers business controls and insights anywhere.



Take orders at the table or even as customers stand in line. Information relays instantly to AST POS and kitchen printer for increased order accuracy. Reduce mistakes, paper cost, and waste, customer wait times: all key factors in turning more tables and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Key Features:

  1. Android operating hand-portable order taking device
  2. Includes new table, occupied table and quick serve features
  3. Includes listings of food items along with forced modifiers and comments
  4. Table side payment feature also included using Bluetooth devices.


Key Benefits:

  1. “Green” paperless options reduce waste and cost
  2. Speed order capture at tables and in line for instant relay to kitchen printers
  3. Never lose customers to long lines
  4. Add more food items to open checks easily
  5. Reduce order mistakes and increase order accuracy

Less running from table to the kitchen means more time with the customer and rapid table turnover.

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