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Dear AST POS Customers,

We are offering an incredible deal to our loyal customers as a special way of saying “Thanks!” We are proud to introduce our next level of customer support package, called ELITE Care.  Our clients are very important to us and deserve the best POS service available. We back up our ELITE Care program with a staff of highly trained industry specialists. Our comprehensive new plan covers your AST POS software, hardware, and service in one convenient solution. And we offer it at a great price to give you total peace of mind!

ELITE Care includes:


As an ELITE Care customer, you have access to unlimited phone support, email support, and back-end support to quickly resolve issues and answer your questions.

Forgot how to change your menu? No problem. Need help learning a new software feature? We can help. Want to know how to better manage your inventory? We can show you how. With remote login software, on-screen support is available to you immediately, whether you have a problem that needs fixing or just want instruction on how to use the system. We are just a phone call away!

Phone support hours are Monday thru Saturday, 9am – 1am PST (Sundays by emergency only).

When things go wrong, you want it fixed by a professional and you want it fixed fast. Your business depends on it! As an ELITE Care client, you will receive priority in the event of an emergency.  Mileage and parts will be charged extra if needed – say goodbye to expensive hourly onsite support fees!

Accidents happen.  Computers wear out, stolen, or perhaps destroyed in an act of nature. Who knows? While equipment is easily replaced, you may not have time to back up your valuable data – financial reports, client’s data, menu, inventory, payroll, and other essential information. That’s why we take secure, confidential and automatic Cloud Backups for our ELITE Care clients – for that unfortunate time when things can go wrong. By having a backup of everything in the cloud, we can help you recover from a complete disaster without any loss of precious information. Additionally, we offer the option to opt-in for archiving your business historical data for up to 5 years, at no extra charge.

We are always striving to develop new ideas and innovations to keep our customers ahead of the game. In this regard, ongoing development, improvement, and expansion of our Point of Sale software means that AST just keeps getting better. We continue to add new features that are most commonly requested. For example, last month we released a new feature – Instant automated Email Alerts. This new feature automatically generates and sends emails with essential info like Cash Drawer reports, Voids and Daily Close reports.

Any standard customer can get one-time software upgrades for $500, but as an ELITE Care client you get them as often as you like for half off ($250).

Merchant Card Integration:

ELITE Care clients receive industry-leading credit card processors for a one-time activation and setup fee. The built-in reader on your POS will ensure faster, easier and more accurate credit card payments.

No need to worry about chip transactions, either. With the integration of any one of our merchants, our EMV solutions will allow you to perform safer, faster, and more secured transactions via card chip while still remaining affordable. You’ll be able to process through First Data (FDIS), HeartLand (HPS), and more!

We know it can be time consuming trying to shop around and buy POS stuff, like extra printers, paper, ink, and so on. As an ELITE Care client you receive a special 5% discount on all AST certified and compliant hardware items. Buy all of your POS items from one place, without the hassle.


* Note: Static IP address required for this feature. A static IP address is usually available for a minimal charge from your Internet Service Provider.  Contact your Internet service providers such as (Comcast, ATT, etc.) for more specific information. You may need a network and hardware upgrades.


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